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water pressure cleaning

Date Added: November 15, 2012 04:24:03 PM
Author: Jeff May
Category: Business & Finance
A new wave - cleaning with pressured water! The days of using elbow grease and putting muscle into cleaning grime off dirt caked walls, fences, roofs and pool sides and surfaces are gone. Back then, popular belief was that to do a real good cleaning job you needed to work hard. Well, with advances in cleaning technologies, and introduction of newer machinery, water pressure cleaning is now the way to go. It's called working smart! Stains, dirt, grime and dust accumulates on properties that have not been cleaned for a long time. Exposure to harsh weather tends to bake in oil stains and solidify chewing gum and other external matter onto the surfaces of roofs, solar panels and driveways. While a squeegee, sponge and a pail of water and soap may make the surface look "clean", the truth is far from that. Putting pressure on dirt Conventional cleaning of commercial or residential properties leaves much behind. That's because the emphasis there is to make the surface look clean, without actually putting pressure on the dirt to dislodge it. As a result, most property owners get a pretty good feeling about what their cleaning company has done, whereas in actual fact the grime, dust and debris is still very much there - only now it's hidden by a cloak of temporary "cleanliness". Unless dirt and grime from the walls and other surfaces of your property are expelled, through water pressure cleaning, the chances are that over time they will form a thick, hardened layer on the surface, making it even harder to dislodge in future. Pressure water cleaners know that being "nice" to dirt doesn't work. You need to put the pressure on it to leave - permanently! Unlike water on a ducks back Each type of surface is different, but conventional cleaning techniques treat them all the same. That's why, regardless of the surface being cleaned, the soap-and-water treatment yields the same results: Dirt remains stubbornly behind. However, modern water pressure cleaning equipment are designed to apply different levels of pressure on different surfaces - ranging from 600psi to 4000psi. When appropriate pressure is used on the appropriate type of surface, dirt doesn't stand a chance. The specialists that clean your property using high water pressure techniques know exactly where to apply the pressure needed, and how much of it to apply. And just like water sliding off a duck's back, the water used will roll off the surface being cleaned. However, there is one significant difference. Grime, dust, dirt and other foreign particles, dislodged by the pressure applied, will also roll off the surface leaving the area truly cleansed. Work only with a water pressure cleaning company that complies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies. Since the compounds they use in their process are bio-degradable, there's no danger whatsoever of any environmental hazards, and no toxic flow-through into lakes and rivers. This technology is eco-friendly, and will not leave any harmful residue, unlike many conventional cleaning techniques. Contact us Contact The Pressure Clean Experts by going online at, or calling us at 1-800-370-092 for a free, no obligations water pressure cleaning quote.

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