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Laptop Repair Training

Date Added: November 19, 2012 09:20:17 PM
Author: Nutesh
Category: Computers: Hardware
LAPTOP REPAIR TRAINING In modern era many things in education and technology are growing day by day. Something which is very essential in our life is daily updates of what?s happening in world, why and how it is happening. In order to update himself/herself everybody is using computers/laptops through which they can access internet from anywhere. Also everywhere whether in offices, homes, schools people are using computers. As the number of Laptop and Desktop users is increasing day by day, problems associated with them is also increasing side by side. This is the main reason why people are eager to learn technique of repairing laptops desktops. They are searching ways to establish themselves in laptop/desktop repairing industry. If a person is aware of the technique how to repair laptop, he can get best way to earn his income at higher level. Everyone is using laptops but only a few people are aware how to sort out the problems related with them. This gives an opportunity to people who are willing to start up their own business. There is no better option than making a future in desktops laptops repairing industry. One can start up his own business in this field from small scale and then exploring it to new heights. This is such a business where we can earn more by investing less. Besides this there are many job opportunities lying in this sector for upcoming youngsters. Now the main question which arises is from where one can learn desktop laptop repairing. There are numerous answers to this question in the form of laptop repairing institute. Among them we are the best way for you to enroll in this sector. We are well known in this industry for past ten years. We provide the most advanced level laptop repairing course, various laptop repairing books, motherboard repairing books, skilled and experienced faculties, more practice hours, good equipments and tools by which one could proceed on the path of success. CHIPTRONIKS is the number one laptop repairing institute in Delhi where you can get best knowledge how to become an expert laptop repairing engineer. We are also the leading distributor of all machinery which is used in laptop, desktop, printer, cartridge refilling. We deal not only at the national level but also at international level. Here is just a snapshot of things which we include in our repairing course: LAPTOP: Introduction of Laptop, Comparison of various Laptop, Difference between Desktop & Laptop, Category of laptop. Block diagram of Laptop & its description of all sections. Battery Stage :- Battery section Description Testing & Fault finding of (Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh Li-ion Battery) Volt in Stage: Working of volt in section, Testing & Fault Finding. Micro Controller Stage: Working & Identification of microcontroller (H8/3437). Testing & Fault Finding. VRM Stage: Working of VRM Section (Voltage Regulator Module) Testing & Fault Finding (Control Circuit, Oscillator Section, Sensor & VID Selector Stage. PCI Controller: Working of PC Card Controller Stage, PC Card Socket & PCMCIA Slot. IEEE 1394 Fire wire Stage: Working of IEEE 1394 Section, Testing & Fault Finding. Audio Section : Working of Audio Section, Testing & Fault Finding DSP Stage: Working of DSP Section (Digital Signal Processor), Testing & fault finding. TFT Panel : Working of CCFL section, Working of LVDS Section, Working of TFT Film Array, Working of Bounding Pad IC, Testing & Fault Finding Identification of Laptop Sections: Identification of Laptop Sections, Parts, Slot & Interface connector. Adaptor Section : Circuit Diagram of adaptor section, Testing & Fault Finding Step-down Stage: Working & Circuit Diagram of step-down Section, Testing & Fault Finding Reballing of IC?s through BGA Machine . All the things mentioned in our syllabus are on 100% practical basis. We mainly focus on component/chip level repairing. In this training we will provide study material also but our faculty mainly focuses on practical approach. Time Duration of this course is 5 months. We provide an option for professional people also by providing Saturday, Sunday classes. We also provide a short term course on the demand of students. We can avail classes of 8 hours in 1 month training; normally we provide 2 hours classes in 5 months training We also have our laptop service center CHIPMENTOR where we resolve the problems related to laptops, desktops, printers, CCTV and even tablet pc. There we use BGA machine and advanced level laptop repairing tools like debugger card, bios programmer, laptop battery tester, CPU socket tester, etc. We have a wide network all over the country.

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