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direct mailing services

Date Added: November 22, 2012 04:22:23 PM
Author: John Heys
Category: Business & Finance
All across the world, businesses and people depend on their "snail" mail, even is this electronic age. This is a great testament to the fact that good old paper mail is not done with yet. And there's no reason to think that it will be a thing of the past soon. Corporations and businesses have thousands of pieces of legally required pieces of mail to send out to customers and clients daily. And that's why direct mailing services are thriving. Across Canada and the US, we've seen public mail delivery services disrupted time and again, due to labor unrest. And often, even after an emergency, such as a storm, hurricane or power outages, the postal service is inundated with backlog, leaving time sensitive mail to be delayed. Across Canada, there have been cases of highly sensitive medical records lost or misplaced when sent via the government's postal service. Mail recipients are tired of these inefficiencies, as are mail senders. People are tired of snail mail going astray or getting delayed. They are looking for faster, safer and more reliable alternates. That's why they are increasingly turning to reputable direct mailing services to step in to fill the gap. Dependable and innovative Unlike the postal service and many courier companies, direct mailing services have pioneered innovative solutions to deliver efficient, cost-cutting services to their clients. Whether it is printing services, mailing list services, direct mailing, letter shop mailing and mail house services. Whether it is service within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), across Canada or international mail services. Outsourcing your mailing activity can often make good business sense, if you want assurances of timely and cost-effective delivery. This is true most especially if you work with a large client base, have time-critical or sensitive personal or private and confidential communications to send out, or deal with large volumes of paper-based materials to be sent our regularly across a vast geographic region. Using innovative state-of-the-art techniques, such as the latest ink-jet technology, 12-piece mechanical inserting, variable labelling and ink-jetting and oversized mechanical inserting, mailing service providers are now more dependable than municipal or state postal services. The bottom line Not everyone shops online or pays their invoices through their smart phones. And a large percentage of us love receiving paper-mail. And many residents often look forward to receiving fliers and promotional leaflets too. With the ever growing number of legally mandated forms, notices, marketing brochures and other documents to send out, small business and large corporations alike are looking to cut cost when it comes to printing and mailing documents. And outsourcing this vital service to a dependable off-site service provider is the best answer! Contact Us Corporate Mailing Services (CMS) is one of the oldest and most experienced direct mailing services company in Canada today. We've been servicing clients in the GTA and across Canada and internationally for over 20 years. Our mailing and letter services includes direct mail, and online printing. Call (905) 513-8589,email, fax (905) 513-1778 or simply go online at to check out great promotional offers!

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